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State must improve safeguards on fracking


SHALERSVILLE TWP — “The oil and gas industry claims a trade secret exemption for the gag rule, saying that their proprietary formulas need to be protected. Spokespeople often compare their trade secrets to that of popular colas, but no one ever had to be evacuated from a Pepsi spill.

These toxic cocktails pose a real risk to the communities where they are used. Neighborhoods that might bear the brunt of those hazards have a more urgent claim on knowing the composition of those fluids than the companies have in keeping the formula from competitors and maximizing profits.

In response to the spill at St. Marys, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ruled that HB 94 violated the EPCRA, and if HB 94 does indeed violate federal law, then SB 315 would seem to be untenable as well. If, as the Record-Courier editorialized on July 23, Portage County is indeed going to become Ohio’s fracking dump, then we need to take a hard look at what the consequences of sweetheart legislation and industry-friendly regulation might be for us.”

— Dan Fejes, letter to the editor, Record-Courier

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