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State should not bail out old nuclear power plants

“Here are some numbers Rulli and other area state legislators should consider as they decide on Ohio’s energy future: Trumbull Energy Center is expected to bring $1.8 billion in economic benefits to the state from construction to 40 years of operation, including payments to local schools and governments.

Gas transportation and purchases will add another $10 billion in economic benefits, according to the company’s website.

CEF is promoting the new plant, which will employ natural gas-fired combined cycle turbine technology and catalytic converters, as a source of clean, if not renewable, energy, according to a website that focuses on construction equipment.

Clean Energy Future notes that natural gas plants have 90 percent less air emissions than coal-fired plants for typically regulated emissions.

Here’s some advice for Sen. Rulli and other area state legislators: Don’t be swayed by the advertising scam perpetrated by First Energy Solutions to win support for the state bailout of its two nuclear power plants.”

— Vindicator Editorial 

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