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Statement from Ohio Citizen Action on Ohio House passage of HB 6

The vote in the Ohio House of Representatives  on HB6. Green are yes votes, red are no votes.

COLUMBUS — “HB 6 started out as another disappointing example of redistribution of wealth from the pockets of Ohio consumers into the hands of corporate shareholders, and it only got worse.

We knew FirstEnergy wasn’t concerned with carbon – at Ohio Citizen Action we’ve been fighting them for over four decades. Instead, they perpetuated the farce and got subsidies for coal plants included in a supposed “Clean Air Bill.”

This vote also makes us question our legislature’s commitment to improving our economy. If they are so concerned with jobs, they would have removed obstacles to developing in-state wind and solar projects, instead of asking all Ohioans to pay to bailout plants that will be closing sooner rather than later, due to age.

So we have to ask again, when will Ohio finally stop throwing good money after bad and invest in the energy sources of the future? FirstEnergy has received $11 billion in bailouts in the last twenty years, but that still apparently hasn’t been enough. They’ve also spent untold millions in campaign contributions and advertising to dupe Ohio families about HB 6. Is there to be no end to customers subsidizing their bad business decisions? Ohio consumers demand better.”

— Rachael Belz, Executive Director, Ohio Citizen Action