Ohio Citizen Action

Strength in numbers

Q: How do Ohio Citizen Action members keep winning good-neighbor campaigns?

A: Strength in numbers

Age of Ohio Citizen Action in years: 35

Number of handwritten member letters to company officials in each campaign: 10,000 to 25,000

Number of front porch visits by door-to-door canvassers: 9.3 million

Number of update phone calls to members: 1.9 million

Number of visits to our website: 6.3 million

Number of Howard M. Metzenbaum Ohio Citizen Action Award winners: 12

Rank in size among Ohio environmental organizations: 1

Of course, what’s most important can’t be counted:

Ohio Citizen Action . . .

  • is the hub of a big statewide network of allies and friends who have worked together for years, accomplished much, respect each other, and are committed to working together indefinitely.
  • is home to a large body of practical organizing experience and skills.
  • relentlessly identifies, recruits, and trains people with the potential to be part of the next generation of Ohio leaders.
  • has pioneered many of the approaches and techniques now widely followed by citizens groups across the nation.