SunCoke air permit faces 3 appeals

Lisa Frye

MIDDLETOWN — “Three appeals have been filed against the new air permit issued to SunCoke Energy to build a new $360 million coke plant in Middletown…

Lisa Frye — along with the Natural Resource Defense Council, Chuck Inwood, Barb Stubbs and her organization SunCoke Watch Inc. — also filed an ERAC appeal March 11. Their appeal also alleges best available technology is not being used, that emissions credits are invalid and that SunCoke’s certification of compliance as required by the permit is invalid.

‘…They are coming into a non-attainment area and haven’t shown that they are going to be a good neighbor and not illegally pollute more than it already is,’ Frye said. ‘Our opinion is they can’t be trusted and will put lives in jeopardy.’”

— Jessica Heffner, Oxford Press

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