SunCoke officials: Noise not at nuisance level

A sound audit determined that sound levels were equivalent to conversational speech or an air conditioner

SunCoke project manager Boris Reyes gives updated information during the monthly community meeting Monday, Sept. 13, at the Manchester Inn in Middletown.

MIDDLETOWN — “During an independent sound audit of the site and surrounding residential communities July 1-2, Delauna Pack, director of corporate safety and environment at SunCoke, said noises from construction were found to register up to 65.4 decibels.

This was equivalent to conversational speech or an air conditioner and not deemed at an unusual or nuisance level, she said.

Lisa Frye, a CAP member and resident of Niederlander Lane in Monroe near the plant, said she did not agree with the comparison and said the noise is negatively impacting the neighborhood’s quality of life. And while some have said residents “should just move,” Frye said for many that is not an option.

‘You have to understand we did not move there to be next to a coke plant so any noise is unacceptable to us,’ she said.”

— Jessica Heffner, Middletown Journal

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