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Superfund work touted by Trump EPA was completed years ago

Graphic shows number of sites removed from EPA’s National Priorities List of contaminated sites since 2001.

WASHINGTON, DC — “The Environmental Protection Agency is touting cleanups at seven of the nation’s most polluted places as a signature accomplishment in the Trump administration’s effort to reduce the number of Superfund sites, even though records show the physical work was completed before President Donald Trump took office.

…Records show that construction work at all seven sites hyped by Pruitt’s EPA, such as removing soil or drilling wells to suck out contaminated groundwater, was completed years before Pruitt was confirmed as the agency’s chief in February. Removing sites from the list is a procedural step that occurs after monitoring data show that remaining levels of harmful contaminates meet cleanup targets, which were often set by EPA decades ago.

Further, entries in the U.S. Federal Register showed that EPA announced its move in 2016 to withdraw four of the seven sites — the Ellisville Site in Missouri, the Omaha Lead site in Nebraska, North Penn in Pennsylvania and the Perdido Groundwater Contamination site in Alabama. The planned deletions of two others, the Shpack Landfill in Massachusetts and the Mystery Bridge site in Wyoming, were announced prior to Pruitt’s May 22 directive establishing the Superfund task force.”

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