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Study: Any air pollution may hasten death
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Study: Any air pollution may hasten death

Analysis found no sign of ‘safe’ ozone, particulate levels BALTIMORE, MD — “At a time when the Trump administration is moving to delay and dismantle air quality regulations, a new study suggests that air pollution continues to cut Americans’ lives short, even at levels well below the legal limits set […]

The other reason to shift away from coal: Air pollution that kills thousands every year

The other reason to shift away from coal: Air pollution that kills thousands every year

PITTSBURGH, PA — “In a recent research study with colleagues at Carnegie Mellon, I analyzed how human health and the environment would be affected if all coal-fired power plants in the United States switched to natural gas – an extension of a trend that is already underway. We found that […]

Homes on Norco Street in Norco, La., that sit a few hundred feet from the fence line of Norco Manufacturing Complex photographed on February 1, 2017.  (Credit: Andrew Rush/Post-Gazette)
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Preparing for Chemical Valley: Life between two Shell plants

NORCO, LA — “It was around 4 a.m., a few days before Barbara and Randy Dixon were supposed to move into their new home on Goodhope Street in Norco, La., when an explosion knocked out every window in the house, spreading broken glass like a carpet over the porch. Ceiling […]

Credit: AP Photo/Gerry Broome
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Race is the biggest indicator in the US of whether you live near toxic waste

NEW YORK, NY — “Go looking for the local landfill or toxic waste treatment facility in any US county with a mostly white population, and you’ll likely find it in the black or Latino neighborhoods. That’s because in the US, your race is the single biggest factor that determines whether […]

Clean air victory!
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Clean air victory!

Today we learned we have won our lawsuit against U.S. EPA for failure to update air pollution limits within an eight-year timeframe, as required by the federal Clean Air Act. We sued on behalf of two members and many other Ohio communities suffering from toxic air emissions from facilities including […]

New York, NY: The George Washington Bridge in heavy smog. This is the view towards the New Jersey side of the Hudson River. (Credit: AFGE)
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Photos: Life in 9 American cities before the EPA

WASHINGTON, DC — “Nearly five decades ago President Richard Nixon asked in his State of the Union address, ‘shall we surrender to our surroundings, or shall we make our peace with nature and begin to make reparations for the damage we have done to our air, to our land, and […]

An aerial view Feb. 17, 2017, shows industry along the Calumet River in Chicago, including the S.H. Bell storage facility, in foreground at lower left, along the east side of the river. (Chris Walker / Chicago Tribune)
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Petcoke piles gone, but another dangerous pollutant discovered in the air

CHICAGO — “Dusty mounds of petroleum coke are gone from Chicago, but federal and city officials discovered a potentially more dangerous type of pollution while investigating the black piles that once towered above the East Side neighborhood. Air monitors posted around two storage terminals on the Calumet River during 2014 […]

‘Public health hazard’ in Ohio has Chicago community concerned
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‘Public health hazard’ in Ohio has Chicago community concerned

EAST LIVERPOOL — “Nearly 400 miles southeast of Chicago, environmental regulators have spent the past 18 years scrutinizing the quality of air in a small city on the banks of the Ohio River. Since 1999, the U.S. and Ohio Environmental Protection Agencies have monitored air quality at three locations in […]

After petcoke, community confronts more dangerous pollutant: manganese
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After petcoke, community confronts more dangerous pollutant: manganese

CHICAGO, IL — “They thought it was over when the black dust went away. For decades, residents on Chicago’s Far Southeast Side complained about thick clouds of black dust blowing across their neighborhoods, through their windows and even into their mouths. The dust came from uncovered piles of coal and petroleum coke, […]

Credit: Neal Boenzi/The New York Times
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The connection between cleaner air and longer lives

NEW YORK CITY, NY — “Back in 1970, Los Angeles was known as the smog capital of the world — a notorious example of industrialization largely unfettered by regard for health or the environment. Heavy pollution drove up respiratory and heart problems and shortened lives. But 1970 was also the […]