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Reineke takes campaign checks from FirstEnergy Corp. before cosponsoring their bailout bill
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Reineke takes campaign checks from FirstEnergy Corp. before cosponsoring their bailout bill

TIFFIN, OH — “Members of the Ohio House, including State Rep. Bill Reineke (R-Tiffin), who voted in favor of a bill to bail out uncompetitive coal and nuclear power plants received over $320,000 in campaign money from four utilities that will benefit financially from the bill’s passage. American Electric Power (AEP), […]

The Brazos Wind Farm, also known as the Green Mountain Energy Wind Farm, near Fluvanna, Texas. (Wikimedia Commons)
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An Ohio Energy Revolution

“In the legislative cram-down that has attended H.B. 6, the bill’s utility and labor-union proponents have mouthed a number of weak arguments, hoping to give the bailout some plausible reasoning. None of them have stuck. First, H.B. 6’s sponsors said that if nuclear power plants went out of business, power […]

FirstEnergy Solutions faces heavy opposition from federal authorities over the restructuring plan it has proposed in federal bankruptcy court. The company's hopes for a May 6 vote by major creditor groups on its proposal to create a new company, with its own stock, now appear unrealistic, given the across-the-board opposition by the U.S. EPA, the NRC, FERC, the SEC and the court's own U.S. Trustee. The FES proposal would include the continued operation of its nuclear power plants, including the Perry nuclear plant.
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Deadline is blown, but Ohio nuclear plant operators say there’s still time for bailout

“Rep. Mark Romanchuk, R-Ontario, said the Davis-Besse plant east of Toledo and the Perry Nuclear Power Plant northeast of Cleveland have received $10.2 billion in state subsidies since 1999. ‘I think that’s enough,’ he said. Both plants are operated by Akron-based FirstEnergy Solutions, which asked for the state bailout. FirstEnergy […]

The Perry Nuclear Power Station in Lake County, Ohio. Photo by
FirstEnergy Corp. / Flickr / Creative Commons
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Are Ohio’s two nuclear power plants profitable? Depends who you ask

COLUMBUS — “An Ohio Senate panel spent much of Tuesday morning hearing arguments between consultants paid by supporters and foes of bailing out two nuclear power plants over a seemingly straightforward question: are the two nuclear plants profitable or not? Paul Sotkiewicz, a Florida-based energy economics analyst, laid out to the Senate […]

Editorial: Swing and a miss on nuclear bailout
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Editorial: Swing and a miss on nuclear bailout

TOLEDO — “The latest bill put before the Ohio General Assembly to save two aging nuclear power plants, including Davis-Besse 30 miles east of Toledo, is a swing and a miss. While Ohio has some legitimate reasons to try to preserve the Davis-Besse and Perry nuclear power stations, or at least postpone their […]

FirstEnergy seeks bailout for 60-year-old Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Plant. Money going to nuclear could take a large cut from investment in wind and solar.
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Ohio’s FirstEnergy nuclear bailout bill could undermine funding for renewables and efficiency

“Ohio’s plan stands in stark contrast to the nuclear incentive programs that have been rolled out in states including Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Illinois. While these states have largely built their nuclear support programs on the foundation of existing state clean energy and carbon reduction policies, Ohio’s plan would actually undermine existing payment structures […]

All six of FirstEnergy Solutions' coal and nuclear plants, four of which are in Ohio, are in danger of closing. Photo by NRC
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Davis-Besse’s future coming down to the wire

CARROLL TOWNSHIP — “Neil Waggoner, a campaign representative for Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign in Ohio, described the draft legislation as a “farce.” He said in an email Friday that it would it force Ohioans to pay more each month on their electric bills to bail out old nuclear plants that are losing […]

Ohio's Perry Nuclear Plant
Credit: Neal Wellons (Creative Commons)
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Perry, Davis-Besse nuke plants dismantling could take 60 years

CLEVELAND – “FirstEnergy Solutions says it wants to delay dismantling its four nuclear power plants – including Perry and Davis-Besse – for 60 years. The company a year ago told the Nuclear Regulatory Commission it would close its four nuclear plants by the end of 2021, starting with Davis-Besse in […]

The Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station (Credit: NRC)
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Industry pitch for saving Davis-Besse is focused on climate change

“A national watchdog group often critical of nuclear power, the Cambridge, Mass.-based Union of Concerned Scientists, recently issued a report stating the nation’s historically safest and best-run [nuke] plants should be kept operating to help fight climate change. Davis-Besse, which had numerous safety and reporting violations in years past, did […]

Ohio weighs a nuclear plant bailout at FirstEnergy’s urging. Will it boost renewables, too?
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Ohio weighs a nuclear plant bailout at FirstEnergy’s urging. Will it boost renewables, too?

The powerful utility FirstEnergy has been pushing nuclear subsidies for years. It spent big in the last election and won a power shift in the legislature. COLUMBUS — “FirstEnergy’s aggressive strategy has broad implications for Ohio’s energy future. It has been a leading adversary of policies that support renewable energy […]