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Capacity auction reveals Ohio’s backslide on energy efficiency

COLUMBUS — “The impact of a decision by Ohio lawmakers to weaken state energy efficiency requirements was clearly reflected in the results of a recent capacity auction, analysts say. The amount of energy efficiency from Ohio utilities that cleared the most recent capacity auction by grid operator PJM is down […]

The Ohio Statehouse in Columbus (Credit: Ohio Department of Development).
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Ohio slashes standards protecting renewable energy, worrying some experts

COLUMBUS — “The Ohio House of Representatives voted last month to slash standards protecting renewable energy, spurring concern from local climate change experts. In order to pass House Bill 114, the Ohio House of Representatives asserted renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar power, no longer needed the assistance of […]

Gov. John Kasich on Monday celebrated Amazon's expanding footprint in Ohio at a grand opening event for its fulfillment center in central Ohio. (Credit: Jackie Borchardt,
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Gov. John Kasich celebrates Amazon jobs ahead of State of the State address

ETNA TOWNSHIP — “On the eve of his annual state of the state address, Gov. John Kasich took a victory lap at an Amazon fulfillment center his administration helped locate east of Columbus. The online retailer employs 3,000 people at the 855,000-square-foot building it opened east of Columbus in September. […]

Ohio House vote to kill renewable-energy standards reveals lawmakers looking backwards to the horse-and-buggy era instead of positioning Ohio for the future, Thomas Suddes writes. (Credit: Plain Dealer historical photograph collection/Cleveland Press photo 1986)
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Ohio House vote to kill renewable-energy standards a return to horse-and-buggy mindset: Thomas Suddes (Opinion)

CLEVELAND — “If Henry Ford had started tinkering with cars in, say, a backyard shed in Ohio rather than one in Detroit, Ohio’s House of Representatives probably would have passed a bill loudly proclaiming that Ohio was and always would be a pro-horse state. That’s how it seems, given Thursday’s […]

Ohio Statehouse
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Ohio House debates renewable energy and misinformation abounds

COLUMBUS — “The Ohio House of Representatives just debated and passed another bill to rollback the state’s renewable energy portfolio standard. Proponents of the bill – HB 114 – engaged in misleading attacks on the booming renewable energy industry. What follows are a few examples of the misleading claims and […]

The number of wind farms in Ohio, stagnant since lawmakers increased property setback requirements in 2014, could be further stymied by the passage Thursday of another bill in the Ohio House aimed at making the state's green energy mandates voluntary goals. The bill now goes to the Senate, where there is no companion legislation. Between 2008 and 2014, power companies in Ohio had to provide an increasing percentage of green energy in the power they sold. Lawmakers froze that percentage in 2014 for two years in 2014. In December 2016, the Republican-dominated House and Senate voted to make the standards voluntary for another two years -- only to see Gov. John Kasich veto the legislation. (Plain Dealer file)
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Ohio House kills state renewable energy standards

COLUMBUS — “Declaring that wind and solar power no longer need the assistance of a state law forcing power companies to support and sell green energy, the Ohio House of Representatives today voted to end the state’s green mandates created nine years ago. The vote was 65 to 29, with […]

Ohio lawmakers are today trying do away with state mandates requiring power companies to buy and sell solar power, or buy "solar credits" associated with solar power. The change would eliminate revenues solar developers rely on to fund projects, such as this very large solar array built by Bold Alternatives, a local Cleveland company, in 2012 atop a canopy in the parking lot of First Unitarian Church of Cleveland in Shaker Heights. (Credit:Thomas Ondrey, The Plain Dealer)
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Ohio’s renewable energy rules on the chopping block, again

COLUMBUS — “Ohio lawmaker William Seitz of Cincinnati has been trying for at least the past four years to modify or eliminate state rules requiring power companies to offer ‘green’ electricity. His latest effort, House Bill 114, is scheduled for a vote today. …Opponents, including scores of businesses, as well […]

Ohio House speaker predicts bill removing green energy standards will pass with veto-proof majority
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Ohio House speaker predicts bill removing green energy standards will pass with veto-proof majority

COLUMBUS — “The House is likely to pass a bill weakening Ohio’s clean-energy standards next week with a veto-proof majority, Speaker Cliff Rosenberger said Wednesday. ‘I think it’s sending a clear message … that this is something that we are very intent that needs to happen as state policy,’ the […]

In America’s coal country, states are emboldened to ditch efficiency
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In America’s coal country, states are emboldened to ditch efficiency

CLEVELAND — “Efforts to cut America’s use of energy are coming under attack, both in Washington and in at least two states. Ohio lawmakers held hearings this week on a bill that would scale back programs designed to shrink energy demand. Kentucky regulators began a review last month of its […]

How green is Cincinnati? Here’s how its building practices compare to other US cities
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How green is Cincinnati? Here’s how its building practices compare to other US cities

CINCINNATI — “The United States saw more than 3,400 properties win LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council over the past year, which represents a surge in energy-efficient construction affecting some 1,324 cities throughout the country. The flurry of activity pushed LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) designations […]