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Ohio Statehouse (Wikimedia Commons)
Freeze on Clean Energy

Ohio bill would allow customers to opt out of utility renewable energy charges

COLUMBUS — “Ohio’s debate over renewable energy standards is poised to heat up again. Rep. Bill Seitz, who heads the House Public Utilities Committee, said the bill from last year to make renewable energy standards voluntary for two years didn’t go far enough. H.B. 114, by contrast, would introduce a voluntary renewable […]

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Study: lack of competition to blame for Ohio electricity cost increases

COLUMBUS — “With Ohio’s energy and energy efficiency standards again under attack, a new policy paper from Ohio State University attributes the lion’s share of electricity cost increases since 2008 to utilities and provisions that insulate them from full competition. None of Ohio’s transmission and distribution utilities have moved to […]

The Timber Road II wind farm in Ohio (Credit: Keith Lott/USFWS, Creative Commons)
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‘Outlier’ study on Ohio renewable standards is flawed, say critics

COLUMBUS — “A study calling for repeal of Ohio’s enforceable renewable energy standards – released just days ahead of legislation to further weaken those laws – will almost certainly be cited as hearings begin on the bill this week. Clean energy advocates, however, say the report is flawed because it relies […]

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After December veto, proposal to change green energy requirements on utilities to goals is back

COLUMBUS — “When Gov. John Kasich vetoed another two year freeze on the state’s renewable energy benchmarks last year, his fellow Republicans in the legislature promised they’d be back with a total repeal of those benchmarks. And they appear to have taken the first step. Amid the Christmas rush in […]

West facade of the Ohio Statehouse. Credit: Wikipedia
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GOP state legislators trying again to weaken renewable-energy standards

COLUMBUS — “Republican state legislators are trying again to weaken clean-energy standards, hoping to pass a measure similar to one that Gov. John Kasich vetoed in December. The 73-page bill would change state rules that require electricity utilities to invest in renewable energy and help customers to reduce energy use. […]

A solar array at Sycamore Township Fire Department's facilities in Cincinnati. (Credit: Tom Knox)
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Ohio’s renewable energy mandates would become goals under latest Statehouse proposal

COLUMBUS — “Ohio Republicans have introduced a bill to gut the state’s renewable energy standards. The changes would strip the 2008 law that enacted the standards of much of its muscle. House Bill 114 follows through on a promise made last month by Rep. Bill Seitz to scrap the requirements […]

The Energy Star logo is placed on energy-efficient products. (Public Domain)

The Energy Star program is good for the climate and the economy. Trump wants to kill it anyway

WASHINGTON, DC — “A new White House proposal would slash the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget by 24 percent and eliminate 38 of its programs. One of the programs on the kill list is the Energy Star program, an initiative that experts say is as much about saving money as it […]

Will Ohio backtrack on its green energy advances? (Opinion)
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Will Ohio backtrack on its green energy advances? (Opinion)

DAYTON — “On Tuesday this newspaper quoted a Harvard psychologist saying that climate change requires massive infrastructure change ‘including nuclear power.’ Wednesday we read that a group of citizens filed with the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio to prevent closure of two Ohio coal plants. Neither of these positions reflects […]

Ohio State Representative Bill Seitz (Credit: James D. Decamp)
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Bill coming soon to make Ohio’s renewable energy standards voluntary, customers can opt-out

COLUMBUS — “Gov. John Kasich vetoed a bill late last year that would have made Ohio renewable energy standards voluntary for two years. Bill Seitz, a Cincinnati Republican who is among the most vocal opponents of the renewable energy standards, vowed to come back with a vengeance– and now he’s […]

Ohio GOP targets clean energy standards, efficiency rules
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Ohio GOP targets clean energy standards, efficiency rules

COLUMBUS — “It’s been just six weeks since Gov. John Kasich vetoed a GOP bill that would have delayed for another two years mandates requiring power companies to sell an increasing percentage of renewable energy and help customers use less power. Rep. Louis Blessing, III, R-Cincinnati, began circulating a memo […]