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Women in areas where mercury is used in small-scale gold mining had some of the most extreme levels of contamination (Credit: Edgard Garrido/Reuters).
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Women of childbearing age around world suffering toxic levels of mercury

Study finds excessive levels of the metal, which can seriously harm unborn children, in women from Alaska to Indonesia, due to gold mining, industrial pollution, and fish-rich diets NEW YORK, NY — “Women of childbearing age from around the world have been found to have high levels of mercury, a […]

An staff member with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Fisheries Division nets musky on Lake St. Clair in a 2009 photo. As the DNR conducts fish surveys, some of the catch are shared with the Department of Environmental Quality for analysis of the levels of mercury and other toxins in the fish's tissues.(Credit: Michigan Department of Environmental Quality)
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Scientists puzzled by mercury’s jump in Great Lakes fish

DETROIT, MI — “It’s not supposed to be like this. Though advisories about toxic mercury in fish have continued in Michigan and the surrounding Great Lakes, with recommendations to limit consumption of certain species to a few times per month, the amount of mercury found in fish tissues has dropped […]

After decades of decreases, mercury rises in Great Lakes wildlife

After decades of decreases, mercury rises in Great Lakes wildlife

Scientists are seeing an uptick of the legacy toxic in Great Lakes fish and birds. Warming waters are the suspected culprit. More coal will make it worse. SAULT STE. MARIE, MI — “Toxic mercury is once again increasing in some Great Lakes fish and birds after decades of consistent, promising […]

Researcher Jeffrey Reutter reaches into water affected by an algae bloom at a laboratory on Lake Erie. Scientists say fossil-fuel plants are contributing to the rise in algal blooms.

Harmful Lake Erie algal blooms worsened by power plant pollution

COLUMBUS — “Aside from their link to climate change, greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel plants also include nitrogen oxides, which can add to nitrogen already entering the lakes as runoff from farming and other sources. Power plants could also contribute to algal bloom problems as they use large quantities […]

The view of the Ohio River from Eden Park on Sept. 17. Michael C. Miller and Madeline Fleisher write to say the Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission should hold the line on industrial mercury dumps into the Ohio River.(Photo: The Enquirer/Cara Owsley)

Miller, Fleisher: Keep mercury out of the Ohio River

CINCINNATI — “…another far less visible pollutant – mercury – has been quietly accumulating in the Ohio River for years. Mercury concentrations in the water regularly exceed permissible levels. And government data from 2010 shows that this toxic pollution is building up in fish, with over 40 percent of samples […]

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The Ohio River near New Richmond, Ohio, with the coal-fired Zimmer Power Station in the background.

Agency considers further delay on Ohio River mercury rule

NEW RICHMOND — “A 12-year extension allowing power plants and other industrial polluters to exceed mercury standards as wastewater enters the Ohio River could be stretched out even further, if a proposal before an interstate regulatory board is approved. The question before the Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission (ORSANCO) […]

What happens after the coal plant closes?
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What happens after the coal plant closes?

ALBRIGHT, WV — “Sometime this summer, the EPA will issue regulations that limit carbon dioxide emissions from power generation, pushing more of the country’s 400 coal-fired power plants to close. The environmental and health benefits are undeniable, and overwhelming. The economic consequences for towns like Albright, where a coal plant […]

Success story: Cleaner bluefish show effectiveness of US coal regulations, study says
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Success story: Cleaner bluefish show effectiveness of US coal regulations, study says

Large drop in bluefish mercury levels suggest fish eaters are consuming less of the toxic metal – and that U.S. reductions are working DURHAM, NC — “Mercury levels in bluefish caught off the U.S. Atlantic coast dropped more than 40 percent over the past four decades thanks to federal restrictions […]

Google’s $600 million redevelopment of the Widows Creek plant, in Alabama, could be a model for the reuse of retired coal plants.
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Supreme Court decision unlikely to stall the shift away from coal plants

As market forces chip away at the coal industry, many plants are being repurposed as data centers, museums, and mixed-use neighborhoods BOSTON, MA — “Coal plants tend to be dirty, located in out-of-the-way spots (nobody wants to live next to a coal-fired power plant), and full of derelict machinery that […]

Scrapping of mercury-pollution rule for Ohio River under fire

Scrapping of mercury-pollution rule for Ohio River under fire

Proposed elimination seen by some as threat to environment, people COLUMBUS — “A multistate commission that oversees the health of the Ohio River is considering relaxing rules on mercury pollution, which has long been considered a threat to the river and the people who eat its fish. The proposed changes […]