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PJM auction brings good news, bad news for Ohio electric customers

ST. PAUL, MN — “Most of Ohio will pay less to make sure adequate electric capacity is available three years from now. But critics say that changes in the grid operator’s auction rules discriminate against certain types of clean energy and will lead to overpayments. …The good news of a […]

PJM to review impact of capacity market construct on RPM
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PJM to review impact of capacity market construct on RPM

WILMINGTON, DE — “Following months of debate on the scope of the undertaking, a coalition of demand-side stakeholders won approval at Thursday’s PJM Markets and Reliability Committee meeting to review the capacity market construct. Overcoming what had appeared to be strong opposition, the problem statement and issue charge were endorsed […]

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Energy storage shaping up as tipping point for utilities

Annual Energy Storage Power Capacity Additions by Segment, All Technologies, North America: 2016-2025 WASHINGTON, DC — “Storage has long been relegated a trend to watch in the next 10 years – but not a trend of today. Until recently, it was considered too immature (in terms of technology) and too […]

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PJM market monitor pushes capacity market changes to enhance efficiency

WASHINGTON, DC — “PJM has many constituents, and it is not easy to keep them all happy. A group of electric cooperatives and municipal power providers, for instance, is pushing for a wide ranging reassessment of PJM’s capacity market. They are concerned that PJM’s capacity market gives short shrift to […]