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Columbus firefighter Mark Rine visits his dermatologist (Credit: Doral Chenoweth III).

Firefighters & Cancer Unmasked: The Alarm

COLUMBUS — No one warned Mark Rine that while he was saving others, he was killing himself. The bad habits that would ensure the firefighter’s death sentence started with his very first fire in 2007. Rine was supposed to help set up the ladder, but he ignored his orders, grabbed […]

Some of the more than 100,000 pages of discovery material related to the chemical industry that were stored in Carol Van Strum’s barn in rural Oregon
(Credit: Risa Scott/RF Scott Imagery).
Environmental Justice / Right-to-Know

100,000 pages of chemical industry secrets gathered dust in an Oregon barn for decades — until now

NEW YORK CITY, NY — “For decades, some of the dirtiest, darkest secrets of the chemical industry have been kept in Carol Van Strum’s barn. Creaky, damp, and prowled by the occasional black bear, the listing, 80-year-old structure in rural Oregon housed more than 100,000 pages of documents obtained through […]

"Cancer Alley." Many cases of cancer have occurred in communities on both sides of the river, though the Louisiana Tumor Registry claims the numbers are not higher than the national average (Photo: Julie Dermansky).
Environmental Justice

The Louisiana Environmental Apocalypse Road Trip

NEW ORLEANS, LA — “If you’re visiting New Orleans and want to see something truly amazing, take your beer or daiquiri to-go and walk a few blocks past the Superdome—you’ll find a school being constructed on an old waste dump. ‘All the toxins from the landfill are still there,’ says […]

The womb is no protection from toxic chemicals (Opinion)

The womb is no protection from toxic chemicals (Opinion)

NEW YORK, NY — “Until a few decades ago, the popular but falsely reassuring belief was that babies in the womb were perfectly protected by the placenta and that children were just “little adults,” requiring no special protections from environmental threats. We now know that a host of chemicals, pollutants […]

Firefighters battle a blaze and search for victims of an explosion at the BP plant that killed at least 15 people Wednesday, March 23, 2005, in Texas City, Texas. (Photo by Brett Coomer/Chronicle)     HOUCHRON CAPTION (09/17/2005) SECNEWS:  GRIM SCENE:  Fire crews battle a blaze and search for victims of the March 23 explosion that killed 15 people at the BP refinery in Texas City. Federal fines are expected soon in connection with the deadly blast.

As it faces elimination in Trump’s budget, here’s what the Chemical Safety Board does

AUSTIN, TX — “Better than most people, Katherine Rodriguez knows the value of the Chemical Safety Board, and the danger that workers, families, and communities could face if President Trump’s budget proposal to eliminate its minuscule $11 million annual budget is approved by Congress. She watched her father, Ray Gonzalez, […]

Shale gas drill rigging at night in Pennsylvania. (Credit: Kelly Malony, USGS)
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Fracking fluid is leaking more often that we thought

HARLAN, IA — “Hydraulic fracture oil and gas wells spill pretty often, according to a recent study in the journal Environmental Science & Technology. That study, along with a companion paper which appeared in the journal Science of the Total Environment, analyzed spill data and behavior across four states—Colorado, New […]

‘Public health hazard’ in Ohio has Chicago community concerned
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‘Public health hazard’ in Ohio has Chicago community concerned

EAST LIVERPOOL — “Nearly 400 miles southeast of Chicago, environmental regulators have spent the past 18 years scrutinizing the quality of air in a small city on the banks of the Ohio River. Since 1999, the U.S. and Ohio Environmental Protection Agencies have monitored air quality at three locations in […]

After petcoke, community confronts more dangerous pollutant: manganese
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After petcoke, community confronts more dangerous pollutant: manganese

CHICAGO, IL — “They thought it was over when the black dust went away. For decades, residents on Chicago’s Far Southeast Side complained about thick clouds of black dust blowing across their neighborhoods, through their windows and even into their mouths. The dust came from uncovered piles of coal and petroleum coke, […]

Photo by Scott Wegener | WCPO

What stunk up Northside? Officials think it was asphalt, engineers say it can’t be

CINCINNATI — “Something stunk up Northside on Tuesday morning. Officials said it’s likely asphalt, but a city engineer said the paving didn’t begin until after the smell was reported. The Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency got its first of nine complaints at about 8 a.m. Most were centered around Northside, […]

An aeration pond in Crossett, Arkansas, part of a waste-treatment system used by a Koch-owned paper company.	PHOTOGRAPH BY NICOLAUS CZARNECKI / COURTESY COMPANY TOWN

A whistle-blower accuses the Kochs of “poisoning” an Arkansas town

CROSSETT, AR — “This summer, [Dickie Guice, who worked as a safety coördinator at a large Koch-owned paper plant in Arkansas] decided to speak out about the paper mill in Crossett, a working-class town of some fifty-two hundred residents ten miles north of the Louisiana border.* The mill is run […]