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In Ohio, business and clean air advocates spar over EPA ozone rule

COLUMBUS — “An upcoming Environmental Protection Agency ruling that would further reduce ground-level ozone levels has prompted a backlash from one of the nation’s largest business groups, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM). Clean air advocates, meanwhile, say the campaign is another example in a long history of industry groups […]

Study forecasts big health benefits from Ohio energy standards
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Study forecasts big health benefits from Ohio energy standards

COLUMBUS — “In 2017 alone, the resumption of enforceable targets under the state’s clean energy standards could save Ohioans from 2,230 asthma attacks, 230 heart attacks, and 140 premature deaths, she reported. Those data come from an analysis released last week by several environmental groups. Those groups include the Environmental […]

Andrew Thomas is Executive in Residence at the Energy Policy Center of the Levin College of Urban Affairs at Cleveland State University and also of counsel to the law firm Meyers, Roman, Friedberg & Lewis.
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It’s time for Ohio’s energy study mandates committee to set aside traditional politics

COLUMBUS — “Markets fail. And no markets fail like energy markets, with their long history of failing to account for environmental problems. There are many reasons for this, but the biggest reason is that environmental consequences are diffuse, making them difficult to account for. This has been the case for […]

Craig Butler
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Ohio EPA chief faults new U.S. air standards

WASHINGTON, DC — “New clean-air standards threaten the future of some coal-burning power plants and would undercut Ohio’s industrial comeback, the state’s top environmental regulator told a U.S. House committee in Washington on Friday. ‘We are marching down the road toward implementing a rule with far-reaching economic consequences without any […]

Christian Lofton with Renewable Energy Design (RED) Group and Daryl Cox with Sylverster & Cockrum Installers, aligning a panel and tightening the nib clamps. Solarize Charlotte is a grassroots initiative to help make the transition to solar power as affordable as possible.
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Clean-energy advocates want Ohio to alter course

Groups decry what they see as backtracking on environmental goals COLUMBUS — “There are two laws at issue. • First is Senate Bill 310, passed last year, which placed a two-year freeze on state rules that require utilities to buy certain amounts of renewable energy and to meet targets for […]

A FirstEnergy ratepayer.
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This Ohio utility has an innovative plan to save coal power: force customers to buy it

COLUMBUS — “A power utility in Ohio is attempting to shaft its own customers in a manner so shameless as to defy description. Yet describe it we must, for it represents everything backwards and perverse in the electricity sector and reveals that the interests of the institutions that provide electricity […]

Ohio’s green energy companies look to greener pastures
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Ohio’s green energy companies look to greener pastures

COLUMBUS — “President Barack Obama’s August announcement of the Clean Power Plan, which sets limits on carbon emissions from power plants nationwide, is expected to stimulate renewable energy investment. But even that effect is curbed because of legal challenges to the federal rule. “SB 310 sent exactly the wrong message […]

Energy efficiency was projected to cut electric consumption, power companies told the state
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Energy efficiency was projected to cut electric consumption, power companies told the state

CLEVELAND — “Ohio’s electric companies were on course to help their customers cut overall power use by as much as 33 percent in coming years before lawmakers froze state energy efficiency mandates. Filed and forgotten at the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, the analyses and projections were drawn up by […]

Whose energy security?
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Whose energy security?

TOLEDO — “For both environmental and economic reasons, FirstEnergy should be working to phase out the Sammis plant. Instead, it is asking PUCO to guarantee not only operating costs but also profits at the plant. That would increase bills for as many as 1.9 million Toledo Edison, Ohio Edison, and […]

Steam rises from the Gen. James M. Gavin power plant, a coal-fired facility along the Ohio River in Cheshire, Ohio. President Obama’s Clean Power Plan would use the federal Clean Air Act to clamp down on coal-fired plant emissions.
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Clearing the air?

Politics, religion, civil-rights activism converge in debate over climate change WASHINGTON, DC — “With Ohio at the crossroads, President Obama’s landmark effort to reduce climate change has some 1960s overtones in how it has brought religion and the civil-rights movement into the fold. …Ohio is at the crossroads not only […]