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The Timber Road II wind farm in Ohio (Credit: Keith Lott/USFWS, Creative Commons)
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‘Outlier’ study on Ohio renewable standards is flawed, say critics

COLUMBUS — “A study calling for repeal of Ohio’s enforceable renewable energy standards – released just days ahead of legislation to further weaken those laws – will almost certainly be cited as hearings begin on the bill this week. Clean energy advocates, however, say the report is flawed because it relies […]

Solar jobs up, coal jobs down in Ohio, West Virginia
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Solar jobs up, coal jobs down in Ohio, West Virginia

WHEELING, WV — “West Virginia lost 7,296 coal mining jobs from 2012 to 2015, the same period during which the number working in the solar power industry across the U.S. nearly doubled. As West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania continue losing coal jobs, the number of solar power workers jumped by […]

Credit: Wikipedia Commons
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New US president may be forced to concede solar and wind’s huge potential for job creation and self sufficiency

WASHINGTON, DC — “What impact will the climate-sceptic, coal enthusiast President Trump have on the prospects for renewable energy? How will Brexit affect the UK’s renewable sector? And what’s driving the growth of clean energy in Asia? These were key questions for participants at a Guardian roundtable on the future […]

GarettTT / Creative Commons
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Power grid taking on more renewables amid policy, technical challenges

ST PAUL, MN — “Renewable energy accounted for nearly two-thirds of new power sources on the U.S. electric grid in 2016, according to data released this month by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). It marks the third consecutive year that wind, solar and other renewables made up more than […]

Job growth in different energy sectors mirrors the evolution of the nation's power mix.  
Credit: Department of Energy
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Renewables, efficiency dominate job growth in energy sector

WASHINGTON, DC — “The DOE’s findings in its second annual jobs report underscores the evolution in the power sector as utilities shift from traditional power generation sources such as coal and nuclear toward natural gas, efficiency and renewable energy. It should come as no surprise, then, that the renewable energy […]

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Four reasons 30% wind and solar is technically no big deal (Opinion)

Many regions are already operating power systems with more renewable energy than previously thought possible WASHINGTON, DC — “Lower costs, enhanced capabilities, and an abundance of resources have set the United States and much of the world on track to increase renewable energy deployment and decrease carbon emissions from the […]

Windmills at sunset in the Tehachapi farm, California.
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Wind and solar get cheaper and better

WASHINGTON, DC — “In the cornfields of Iowa, thousands of wind turbines are spinning, supplying over 30 percent of the state’s power—the highest percentage of any US state. On especially windy days in the spring, there may be enough wind power to run the whole state. The state’s largest utility, […]