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Graphic shows number of sites removed from EPA’s National Priorities List of contaminated sites since 2001.
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Superfund work touted by Trump EPA was completed years ago

WASHINGTON, DC — “The Environmental Protection Agency is touting cleanups at seven of the nation’s most polluted places as a signature accomplishment in the Trump administration’s effort to reduce the number of Superfund sites, even though records show the physical work was completed before President Donald Trump took office. …Records show […]

Pollution kills more people than anything else
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Pollution kills more people than anything else

NEW YORK, NY — “The most comprehensive report to date on the health effects of environmental pollution shows that filthy air, contaminated water and other polluted parts of our environment kill more people worldwide each year than almost everything else combined – smoking, hunger, natural disasters, war, murder, AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. It’s no wonder then […]

Piketon Village Council member Jennifer Chandler and Mayor Billy Spencer stand next to one of several signs in town that opposes the landfill under construction at the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant. photo: Eric Albrecht, Dispatch

Piketon fights construction of radioactive waste dump

PIKETON — “The federal government already has spent $53 million of a $350 million project on what will essentially be a 100-acre landfill at the far northeast corner of the sprawling 3,777-acre nuclear complex. On any given day, giant earth-moving equipment tears into the landscape there and as many as 75 […]

The Louisiana Environmental Apocalypse Road Trip
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The Louisiana Environmental Apocalypse Road Trip

NEW ORLEANS, LA — “If you’re visiting New Orleans and want to see something truly amazing, take your beer or daiquiri to-go and walk a few blocks past the Superdome—you’ll find a school being constructed on an old waste dump. ‘All the toxins from the landfill are still there,’ says […]

Credit: AP Photo/Gerry Broome
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Race is the biggest indicator in the US of whether you live near toxic waste

NEW YORK, NY — “Go looking for the local landfill or toxic waste treatment facility in any US county with a mostly white population, and you’ll likely find it in the black or Latino neighborhoods. That’s because in the US, your race is the single biggest factor that determines whether […]