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If elected president, Ohio Gov. John Kasich plans to push for greater production of energy from oil, gas, nuclear, coal and renewable sources.
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Kasich rejects property-tax break for power plants

COLUMBUS — “Gov. John Kasich has used his line-item veto to reject a property-tax break for owners of power plants. The change in tax law had been sought by American Electric Power and was inserted into the larger budget bill passed by Ohio House and Senate leaders. It was opposed […]

Victory! Governor Kasich line-item vetoes the Tangible Personal Property Tax giveaway to utilities
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Victory! Governor Kasich line-item vetoes the Tangible Personal Property Tax giveaway to utilities

COLUMBUS — With just hours to go before the deadline last night, Governor John Kasich signed the 2016-2017 budget into law, minus the last-minute amendment that would have transferred a key utility property tax on to consumers. Ohio Citizen Action members and friends were heard. More than 500 phone calls […]

The Sierra Club’s Jen Miller addresses about 100 people in Columbus at a June 15 rally organized by the Sierra Club’s Ohio Chapter and Ohio Citizen Action to protest FirstEnergy’s plan.
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FirstEnergy “bailout” case: Are new additions “special deals?”

COLUMBUS — “FirstEnergy continues to fight against full disclosure of details in its bid to have Ohio ratepayers guarantee sales for three less profitable coal plants plus the Davis-Besse nuclear plant, even as it adds new rate proposals. FirstEnergy says the new provisions are separate from its proposed power purchase […]

FirstEnergy's request that its customers should pay a little extra every month to keep the Davis-Besse nuclear reactor operating has put the company in the middle of a regulatory battle both in Ohio and before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Now financial analysts are concerned about the outcome.
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FirstEnergy next into fight over controversial power purchase agreements

COLUMBUS — “For FirstEnergy, $5 billion is riding on its proposal. That’s the difference in projected costs being debated by FirstEnergy and its opponents. The company estimates its customers ultimately will save $2 billion in its plan, but an analysis by the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel projects a $3 billion shortfall […]

On June 15 about 100 demonstrators gathered in Columbus, Ohio to ask the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) to deny FirstEnergy's request for a rate hike to support its aging coal plants.
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Green energy advocates: Coal is unsustainable in more ways than one

COLUMBUS — “Environmentalists have said for years that coal and other fossil fuels are not sustainable sources of energy. Now advocates of green energy are arguing that coal has also become economically unsustainable. Coal has reportedly become a bad investment, even in countries with large coal reserves. FirstEnergy Corp. began […]

Jessica Smith-Szabo, staff director for Ohio Citizen Action, addresses the crowd in Columbus at a rally protesting FirstEnergy’s utility bailout request in April 2015.
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“No Coal Bailout” protest in Columbus

COLUMBUS — Over a hundred people turned up in front of the Public Utility Commission Office (PUCO) to protest against the request by FirstEnergy  for a bailout of their outdated coal plants and their Davis-Besse nuclear plant. Ratepayers showed up with signs lined up in front of the building on […]

Rally to oppose Ohio dirty energy bailouts
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Rally to oppose Ohio dirty energy bailouts

COLUMBUS — “Thanks to the 7,367 letters from Ohio Citizen Action members like you, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) rejected AEP’s request to raise rates to bailout out the Kyger Creek and Cliffty Creek coal plants. The Ohio Consumers’ Counsel estimates this request would have increased rates for […]

PUCO Chairman Andre Porter
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New PUCO head puts off ruling on income guarantees for power plants

COLUMBUS — “The new chairman of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio had a chance on Thursday to rule on income guarantees for certain power plants, but he decided to leave the matter open, with no timetable for resolution. Andre Porter was sworn in last month and faces a docket […]

Debunking FirstEnergy’s bailout arguments
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Debunking FirstEnergy’s bailout arguments

COLUMBUS — “FirstEnergy, the giant Ohio-based company that owns power plants and transmission lines in several midwestern and northeastern states, is running out of arguments for its proposed bailout. The Public Utility Commission of Ohio (PUCO), which is currently considering the proposal by FirstEnergy for substantial, customer-funded subsidies to bail […]

Standing from left to right: Bryan Sonnega, Casey Worth, Christina Calderon, Dan Kerschner, Cory Stewart, Mike Blood, and JC Satt. Front row: Jordan Opst, Jacob VanWagoner, Annie Kreutzber, and Noah Yasi.
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6,677 letters to stop the utility bailouts in Ohio

Cincinnati Canvass Cleveland Canvass CINCINNATI and CLEVELAND — As of May16, 6,677 Ohio Citizen Action members have sent handwritten letters urging the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio and Governor John Kasich to stop the financial bailout of Ohio’s outdated, least efficient coal plants. FirstEnergy, American Electric Power and Duke Energy […]