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The flaws in the utilities’ push for residential demand charges
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The flaws in the utilities’ push for residential demand charges

WASHINGTON, DC — “To fairly evaluate the merits of demand charges, we should understand the utilities’ conundrum. Utilities must continually invest billions of dollars to ensure enough capacity to meet the demands of all customers at all times. Utilities mostly recover these investment costs, which are largely fixed, through variable […]

The surprising ground zero for electricity market fights
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The surprising ground zero for electricity market fights

THE WOODLANDS, TX — “Look to the East and you’ll see a major initiative to transform New York’s electric grid into a cleaner, more efficient system. Look to the West and you’ll find ambitious clean energy legislation in California. Yet utility executives and federal regulators recently gathered in the Midwest […]

Columbus-based AEP is one of the country's biggest electric providers
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With AEP deal, private equity continues gobbling up utility plants

Blackstone and ArcLight’s purchase of four midwestern power plants from AEP is just the latest in a recent trend NEW YORK, NY — “Private equity has become the go-to buyer for power plants. Most recently American Electric Power agreed to sell four plants totaling 5,200 MW to a joint venture […]

Ohio GOP voters support green energy, efficiency programs and customer choice
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Ohio GOP voters support green energy, efficiency programs and customer choice

COLUMBUS — “Ohio’s Republican voters and conservative independents are greener than state politicians might have believed. …In fact, most of these voters want a lot more renewable power in the mix, —  even if it raises their electric bills. Seventeen percent said they would pay $20 a month extra for renewable […]

The Davis Besse nuclear plant is among those covered by a proposed FirstEnergy settlement. 
Photo by Marc Haserodt / Creative Commons
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Report: ‘Around market’ moves by Ohio utilities are part of larger trend

COLUMBUS — “Efforts by Ohio utilities to guarantee income for affiliated coal and nuclear operations are part of a broader trend, according to a new report by legal analysts. Starting in 2014, FirstEnergy, American Electric Power (AEP) and other companies sought to impose added fees on all customers of their […]

Julie Sloat, president of American Electric Power.
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AEP still working on Ohio restructuring, needs FirstEnergy’s help

COLUMBUS — “AEP Ohio continues to hold discussions with legislators and stakeholders around its restructuring (don’t call it re-regulation) of Ohio’s electricity market, but it’s still working on garnering support from the state’s other utilities. The electric utility in July said it wants to know by the first quarter of […]

FirstEnergy should not get something for nothing from its customers: editorial
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FirstEnergy should not get something for nothing from its customers: editorial

CLEVELAND — “Currently before the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio is FirstEnergy’s latest bid for ratepayer help: an eight-year “financial hedge” request the company says is supported by the same coalition of low-income, manufacturing, municipal and other customer groups that backed an earlier power purchase deal the PUCO approved in March. (Federal regulators […]

The AEP building in Columbus.
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Ohio utility seeks to double its fixed distribution charges

COLUMBUS— “In response to an increasing number of customers installing solar power or opting for energy efficiency measures, American Electric Power has asked Ohio regulators to increase the share of distribution charges that all its utility customers must pay, regardless of how much electricity they use. AEP Ohio has seen […]

FirstEnergy headquarters in Akron.
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FirstEnergy piles insult onto billions of dollars in injury by threatening to move its headquarters from Akron

CLEVELAND — “You have to hand it FirstEnergy, however, for its daring. The company, battered over the past few years by the results of its own bad management decisions, today is shamelessly making a of mockery of traditional—and fair—utility regulation in what it is pushing for from the Public Utility […]

The Sammis Power plant looms over homes in Stratton, Ohio. Photo Credit: Sierra Club / Colin Scianamblo

Ohio lawmakers, concerned about jobs, support FirstEnergy plan

STRATTON — “Two Democratic lawmakers concerned about job losses in their southeast Ohio districts have spoken out in support of a FirstEnergy plan that critics say is an unlawful ‘bailout.’ In letters filed with Ohio regulators this week, state senator Lou Gentile (D-Steubenville) and representative Jack Cera (D-Bellaire) stressed the […]