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The more you learn about the proposed FirstEnergy bailout, the less you’ll like it

COLUMBUS — “Last week’s hearing on FirstEnergy’s nuclear bailout saw numerous people testifying against the unnecessary subsidies. As a reminder, the Ohio-based utility wants everyday Ohioans to pay for its bad business decisions, and is trying to get a hefty bailout – to the tune of $5.25 billion – for its uneconomic nuclear reactors.

Clearly, the proposal has generated quite a bit of controversy. But Representative Bill Seitz, chairman of the Public Utilities Committee, has a unique solution! Why not let FirstEnergy’s pro-bailout customers pay for the utility giant’s mistakes? That way, those that support the bailout (we can’t imagine who that would be) could shoulder all of the burden – and FirstEnergy could continue letting others foot the bill. Problem solved.

…It takes a lot of energy to keep the lights on (and the balls regurgitated) at bowling alleys. That’s why the Bowling Centers Association of Ohio wants to send FirstEnergy’s nuclear proposal ‘to the gutter,’ as Tom Knox of Columbus Business First fittingly put it.

The bowlers are just one of many groups in the newly-formed, nonpartisan Coalition Against Nuclear Bailouts. Reflecting the growing opposition to FirstEnergy’s pleas, the coalition includes diverse participants like AARP, the Ohio Coin Machine Association, mayors, pastors, county commissioners, and more (you can see the full list of its members here).”

Environmental Defense Fund

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