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This region of Ohio ranks among the worst in country for risk of breathing problems

The Aufdenkamp family lives in Akron, which is listed as an area with high risk to particle pollution.

AKRON — “State lawmakers are gearing up for another round in the fight over renewable energy mandates. While opponents say they’re a financial burden, supporters say they help cut down on air pollution, which then improves respiratory health. There’s a part of Ohio where the risk for experiencing breathing problems is one of the highest in the country.

The clickety clack of an XBOX controller can be heard in Dalton Aufdenkamp’s living room along with the 15-year-old chatting with other gamers in his headset.

It’s a sunny day and not too hot for August. But Dalton makes sure all the windows are shut, the doors are closed and the air conditioner is running.

That’s because, outside of Dalton’s house…It’s also a hazy, humid day as cars and trucks pass by the neighborhood, which sits along I-77 just south of Akron.

This is the kind of day that can be dangerous for kids like Dalton, who have asthma.”

— Andy Chow, Statehouse News Bureau

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