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Toxic exposure may cost the world 10% of GDP: Study

Credit: Environmental Health News

Current calculations woefully underestimate how much pollution costs countries, says researchers

BOZEMAN, MT – “The study, published today in the journal Environmental Health, finds that current calculations of harmful exposures underestimate the total costs to society by leaving out certain health impacts and only focusing on a fraction of the total contaminants people are exposed to.

‘Our findings suggest that a revised paradigm is required for evaluating and prioritizing the environmental contribution to human illness and the associated costs,’ the authors wrote.

The researchers looked at exposures to contaminants such as air pollution, endocrine disrupting chemicals, lead, mercury, pesticides and flame retardants and calculated how much they end up costing societies due to illnesses, reduced brain function, health care bills, and lost wages and productivity for employers.”

— Brian Bienkowski, Environmental Health News

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