Cleveland Incinerator

Trash-to-energy proposal draws skepticism

COLUMBUS – “A technology called gasification is generating enthusiasm among Cleveland officials as a next step in making the city a center for green energy and sustainability. But some environmental groups say the technology isn’t as environmentally friendly as its proponents claim, and are calling for more scrutiny… ”

“‘These are what we call incinerators in disguise.’ That’s Bradley Angel, head of the California-based group Green Action. ‘They’re disguised as power plants, they’re disguised as recycling and renewable energy, when in fact they are at best unproven technologies that often make claims that really need scrutiny, to put it in a polite term.'”

“Local environmentalists – like Sandy Buchanan of Ohio Citizen Action – say they are uncertain about the gasification technology being proposed.  She points out that the city’s agreement with Princeton Environmental group was negotiated out of the public eye.”

– Bill Rice, WCPN

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