Cleveland Incinerator

“Trash to power” plant would come at a cost to Cleveland’s environment and citizens’ wallets

CLEVELAND — “Please open a debate on the proposed degradation of the Clean Air Act. House Resolutions 2250 and 2861 and Senate resolution 1392 would exempt waste incinerator-type power plants from clean air regulations.

This push to degrade the current law (coincidentally?) precedes the city of Cleveland and Cleveland Public Power’s plans to open a waste-to-energy plant on the West Side (“Jackson off to Japan to study ‘trash to power,’ ” Sept. 24).

Additionally, there needs to be public scrutiny of the use of public funds for such a project, considering the health and economic ramifications.

Incinerators spew enormous amounts of greenhouse gases and other toxins into the air, water and soil. The increased cost of trash removal, meanwhile, will be borne by a constituency ill-equipped to handle it in these rough economic times.

There are other ways to sustainably produce energy. The city and Cleveland Public Power (both answerable to the public) need to find the best solution, not just a solution. We all want clean, renewable energy, more jobs and fewer landfills, but we have to find a way to do it intelligently, efficiently and in an ecologically responsible way.”

— Arlin Wallace, Euclid, November 8 letter to the Editor, Cleveland Plain Dealer

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