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Trump to save coal, nuclear plants that are unable to compete

Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station cooling tower in July 2015 (Credit: Gregory Varnum, Creative Commons).

CLEVELAND — “The Trump Administration is moving to temporarily save old coal and nuclear plants like those owned by FirstEnergy.

According to wire reports, the president has asked Secretary of Energy Rick Perry to create a ‘strategic electric generation reserve’ loosely patterned after the Strategic Petroleum Reserve created more than 40 years ago to stockpile crude oil for national security.

Under a tentative plan, the Department of Energy would, for the next two years, create and maintain a list of endangered coal and nuclear power plants.

Grid managers would be required to buy power from these plants, though it would be more expensive than power from the growing fleet of gas turbines and wind farms.

The administration’s reasoning is that the large coal and nuclear plants not only operate around the clock but also are ‘fuel secure’ and therefore add stability, or at least backup, to gas plants that do not store fuel onsite and, in theory, could be disrupted.”

— John Funk, Cleveland Plain Dealer

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