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Trump’s regulatory freeze is keeping workers exposed to this toxic material

Beryllium ore

WASHINGTON, DC — “For decades, the government worked with private industry to cover up a danger to blue-collar workers.

The effort had to do with a toxic metal that was used in military and aerospace applications including nuclear weapons. Even today, the substance, beryllium, is still used in electronics, home appliances, dental crowns, eyeglasses, bicycles, and golf clubs.

The metal is prized in these industries because it’s lighter that aluminum but stiffer than steel. But when ground or crushed into a dust during manufacturing processes beryllium becomes dangerous to workers, leading to lung cancer and death.

Now, a last-minute Obama-era rule that was intended to protect 62,000 workers from dangerous levels of exposure to the metal looks like it will be postponed for a second time by the Trump administration.”

— Annalyn Kurtz, Fortune

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