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Trump’s repeal of stream rule helps coal at the expense of climate and species

Big Harts Creek in Lincoln County, WV (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

WASHINGTON, DC — “When he signed an unusual act of Congress rolling back a regulation to protect streams from mining pollution on Thursday, President Donald Trump made good on his promise to ease up on coal mining.

The repeal will mean more greenhouse gas pollution from burning coal. It’s also bad news for scores of little-known imperiled species, such as nearly 50 types of freshwater mussels that live in waters affected by mining.

So far, several of the dozen or so rules being targeted for repeal via the Congressional Review Act, a form of legislative veto of regulations, involve fossil fuel development.

As with so many regulations, the rules being overturned are costly to industry but have far-reaching environmental benefits.”

— Nick Kusnetz, Inside Climate News

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