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Turbines are part of a clean energy future for northern Ohio

TOLEDO — “Northern Ohio stands to be an innovation leader with the six-turbine Icebreaker Wind demonstration project proposed eight to 10 miles off the Cleveland shore. Icebreaker will be the first freshwater offshore wind project in North America, and can be the stepping stone to a clean energy industry in Northern Ohio that would create thousands of good paying jobs, pump hundreds of millions of dollars into the economy and help clean our air and water.

For the past decade, numerous scientific studies have been conducted of the fish and wildlife populations that inhabit the waters and use the air space surrounding the project site. It is not fair to say, as was recently expressed in a column in The Blade, that Icebreaker Wind poses a significant threat to birds and bats.

After extensive review, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service stated the project poses ‘limited direct risk’ to migratory birds and bats and is “not likely to adversely affect any [federally listed] threatened or endangered species.” It is also not fair to say that the comments filed by the Black Swamp Bird Observatory and others were ignored by state and federal agencies. And, it is not fair to label the science behind the review by many agencies — including the Ohio Power Siting Board staff, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, the Ohio EPA, the US Department of Energy, and the US Army Corps of Engineers — as poor and their research as flimsy.”

—Beth A. Nagusky, director of sustainable development for the Lake Erie Energy Development Corporation, Op-Ed, Toledo Blade

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