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University of Cincinnati Journalism Hall of Fame inducts Ohio Citizen Action alumni Merrill Goozner

 Merrill Goozner

Merrill Goozner

CINCINNATI — Merrill Goozner, who took a bachelor’s degree in history from the University of  Cincinnati in 1975, was honored by induction into the school’s Journalism Hall of Fame. His  prolific career includes several posts at The Chicago Tribune and  a stint as Senior Correspondent at Washington D.C. based Fiscal Times. His work has appeared in numerous publications of note including The New York Times, The  Washington Post, the Columbia Journalism Review,  The  Nation,  Slate.com and Salon.com. Merrill was also the first program director in the Cincinnati office of Ohio Citizen Action and currently serves as Editor of Modern Healthcare, a Chicago based resource for healthcare business news, research and data.

— Melissa English, Development Director, Ohio Citizen Action