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Valley children tested for metal exposure

EAST LIVERPOOL — “9-year-old Nevada was just one of more than 100 children that came in for the University of Cincinnati’s pilot research study to measure metal exposure. The group tested children from the ages of 5 to 17years- old.

“We know from EPA reports, the EPA places monitors in and around the area, and from that, we know that there are high levels of metal concentrations in the area.  We wanted to see if it was in the bodies of children,” explained Dr. Erin Haynes of the University of Cincinnati.

Researchers collected blood and hair samples.  They’re  looking for metals such as lead, mercury and manganese. The Ohio Air Toxic Report found very high levels of manganese in East Liverpool in a 2010 study.

“Manganese would have an association with possible neurological effects. So, it can affect the brain,” Haynes added.

Dr. Haynes says families that came in expressed a concern about the air they breathe and wanted to make sure their kids are safe.”


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