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Victory! Governor Kasich line-item vetoes the Tangible Personal Property Tax giveaway to utilities


COLUMBUS — With just hours to go before the deadline last night, Governor John Kasich signed the 2016-2017 budget into law, minus the last-minute amendment that would have transferred a key utility property tax on to consumers.

Ohio Citizen Action members and friends were heard. More than 500 phone calls poured in to budget conference committee members and the governor in the last week, flooding decision makers with opposition to this maneuver which could have cost consumers $72 million or more.

In his explanation of the 44 line-item vetos used in this budget, Governor Kasich mirrored our own concerns and recommendation, citing, “unknown consequences of transferring local tax revenues from one district to another” and urging that stakeholders and legislators revisit this subject in the fall.

Read more about the governor’s vetos.

Sincere thanks to everyone who participated in this 11th hour blitz.

— Rachael Belz, Executive Director, Ohio Citizen Action