What stunk up Northside? Officials think it was asphalt, engineers say it can’t be

Photo by Scott Wegener | WCPO

Photo by Scott Wegener | WCPO

CINCINNATI — “Something stunk up Northside on Tuesday morning.

Officials said it’s likely asphalt, but a city engineer said the paving didn’t begin until after the smell was reported.

The Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency got its first of nine complaints at about 8 a.m. Most were centered around Northside, though people on Facebook reported the weird odor in Westwood, Cheviot, Spring Grove Village, Mount Auburn and Clifton.

However, David Krusling, project engineer with the City of Cincinnati, said paving didn’t begin until 9 a.m.

On Facebook, some described it as smelling like fuel or plastic. Nick Nagelhout said it wasn’t very strong when he smelled it.

‘It didn’t smell dangerous to me, it just was a weird smell,’ he said.

Joy Landry, SWOAQA spokeswoman, said two investigators were in the field by 9 a.m., using handheld meters to figure out the odor’s source.

…Part of the problem might be this week’s weather, Landry said: Relatively calm air means there’s no wind to dissipate smells that might be imperceptible on other days.”

— Joe Rosemeyer, WCPO

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