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What’s so wrong about Ohio’s freeze on clean energy? As it turns out … everything

COLUMBUS — “The Committee’s justification for recommending an indefinite freeze focuses mainly on costs rather than the complete picture that should also include benefits, all while downplaying the savings Ohioans already experienced over the last five years of energy efficiency programs.

…If the committee is so concerned about costs, they need to realize the freeze they’ve imposed on the state is costing Ohioans jobs, money and their health.

This clean energy freeze is not free. The longer we wait, the harder it will be for Ohio to climb its way back to the top and regain the position of leadership it once held as a clean energy innovator. We can get there again, if decision makers get serious about Ohio’s energy future and continue to reject any further delays in committing to a clean energy path.”

— Samantha Williams, Natural Resources Defence Council Blog

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