Wind Energy

Wind advocate responds to Randazzo PUCO appointment

Sarah Taylor, Windustrious Cleveland

To Michael Hall, Governor DeWine’s Director of Policy.

Dear Michael,

It was very disturbing to read that Samuel Randazzo has now been appointed by Governor DeWine to Chair PUCO, just four days after his name had been submitted as a candidate for Commissioner for PUCO.  Samuel Randazzo’s totally inappropriate background for such a position is described in this very informative article, . 

The PUCO website claims:

“Our mission is to support sound energy policies that provide for the installation of energy capacity and transmission infrastructure for the benefit of the Ohio citizens, promoting the state’s economic interests, and protecting the environment and land use.”

The renewable energy installations that have been built, and are now flourishing, in the western part of Ohio, and in our neighboring states and beyond, illustrate all the benefits to our communities that PUCO’s mission defines as fulfilling its goals.

The linked article, referred to above, provides clear and detailed documentation of Samuel Randazzo’s longtime and very strong opposition to a wide variety of proposed renewable energy development projects in Ohio.

Samuel Randazzo is obviously completely unfit to fulfill the duty that is clearly defined by PUCO as its mission.

I urgently request that his appointment be cancelled by the Governor.

— Sarah Taylor,