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Wind farms a cash cow for communities, but not everyone’s sold

“At Van Wert County’s Lincolnview Local Schools, turbines have generated $2 million since 2014, and — at a pace of $400,000 a year — are expected to bring $8 million in funding over 20 years. It has helped pay for new technology, a boiler, more parking, and a new roof.”

VAN WERT, OH — “During an all-day tour last week of various sites in Van Wert and Paulding counties, several officials told The Blade their communities are doing just fine, even prospering beyond expectations, because of wind power.

‘Thanks for listening to our story,’ Paulding County Commission Chairman Roy Klopfenstein, said. ‘We’re kind of flyover country here.’

The $600 million Blue Creek Wind Farm — a collection of some 152 wind turbines across Paulding and Van Wert counties, near the Indiana state line — was Ohio’s largest construction project when most of it was installed in 2011.

FirstEnergy Solutions, American Municipal Power, and Ohio State University are its biggest customers.

Construction began in September, 2010, and that wind farm went online in early 2012. At 300 megawatts, it is still Ohio’s largest wind farm, at least for the moment. The Ohio Power Siting Board is considering projects that may surpass it.”

— Tom Henry, The Blade 

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