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Wind farms in Ohio pit environmentalists against some neighbors tired of noise, view

Wind turbines in Van Wert (Credit: Columbus Dispatch).

PAYNE — “From the ground, the narrow aluminum ladder might as well extend to infinity. Actual height: 290 feet.

A Dispatch videographer straps on a protective harness, hard hat and safety glasses, joined by two employees of the farm’s operator, EDP Renewables. They are about to climb inside one of 55 wind turbines at Timber Road II wind farm in Paulding County.

…Wind farms are a big, and growing, business in Ohio. They’re a part of the state’s clean-energy economy that has gone from near zero to more than $1 billion worth of spending in the past 10 years, with the potential to grow fourfold if every announced project is built.

But some neighbors view the turbines as an affront, spoiling the landscape with noise, the flicker of shadows from turbine blades and blinking red lights.

This is the gut-level underpinning of a Statehouse battle over rules on where turbines can be placed, a debate that will determine how much building will be allowed to occur.”

— Dan Gearino, Columbus Dispatch

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