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Wind farms stall, solar grows as energy debate continues in Ohio

44437956-ff8574f1-51e9-4141-8056-fec9c91a824e_thumbDAYTON — “Alternative energy advocates cheered a recent decision by Ohio Gov. John Kasich to veto a recent bill that would have weakened the state’s clean energy standards, arguing the move will lead to more investment and jobs in the industry statewide.

But opponents, including residents engaged in a long legal battle over a proposed Champaign County wind farm, said they have seen laws repeatedly shift on the issue and hope to continue the fight.

The debate centers on Ohio House Bill 554, which lawmakers passed late last year and would have made state alternative energy requirements optional for the next two years. But Kasich vetoed it, meaning the state’s older energy standards will now snap back into place.

A group of Champaign County residents have opposed the Buckeye Wind Farm, a project that calls for hundreds of turbines across several townships there. Terry Rittenhouse, whose home is located near the wind farm site, said he believes the debate over the mandates isn’t over, despite Kasich’s veto.”

— Matt Sanctis, Dayton Daily News

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